Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Japanese Tattoos 12

Koi Fish Tattoos Koi Fish Tattoos

Japan Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos - Tattoo Yakuza

Foo Dog Tattoo - Japanese Tattoos Foo Dog Tattoo - Japanese Tattoos
Traditional Japanese TattoosTraditional Japanese Tattoos
Traditional Japanese TattoosTattoo Furo2
Japanese tattoos and tattoo lettering are steeped in tradition, symbolism and mysticism. From their roots as religious symbols to their usage as signs of the Yakuza, to their current day popularity in the West, Japanese tattoos are unique to both the wearer and the artist. Find out about the different types of Japanese tattoos and tattoo lettering, before you decide to get one yourself.

Dragon Fly Tattoos - Japanese Tattoos

Dragon Fly Tattoos - Japanese TattoosDragon Fly Tattoos - Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos - Celtic Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos - Celtic TattoosJapanese Tattoos - Celtic Tattoos

Japanese dragon Tattoos - Dragon

Japanese dragon Tattoos - DragonJapanese dragon Tattoos - Dragon

Japanese tattoos Builder

Japanese tattoos BuilderJapanese tattoos Builder

Irezumi Japanese Tattoos

Irezumi Japanese TattoosIrezumi Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos Art 3

Japanese Tattoos Art 3Japanese Tattoos Art 3

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feminine Tattoos

Feminine Tattoos

Foot Tattoos: Hibiscus and Turtle Tattoo

Foot tattoo of a beautiful hibiscus flower and Hawaiian honu turtle. The turtle is colored heavily in black ink creating a great tribal look while the hibiscus is tattooed and shaded with a pink tone that brings good contrast to the overall design. Nice tat!
Foot Tattoos: Hibiscus and Turtle Tattoo
"Foot Tattoos: Hibiscus and Turtle Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Las Vegas Tattoos by Jon Poulson.
Honu with Hybiscus flower tattoo by Jon Poulson

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Tribal Butterflies

Cute tribal butterflies & a small tribal dragonfly tattoo.
Tribal Butterflies
"Tribal Butterflies" Tattoo originally uploaded by Diogo Araujo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs and Meaning

The Japanese Dragon Tattoo is very beautiful and colorful tattoo design. It is also very mystical with its origins embedded in myths and folklore, adding to the appeal of the Japanese dragon tattoo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Female Design Ideas

Finding A Tattoo For A Woman's Tastes

Looking for the right tattoo for a woman's tastes can be a pain, but these female design ideas should help you out a lot. You have most likely looked all over the internet for ideas and artwork, and most of you have probably been disappointed with most of what you have found. Don't let this bother you, though, because this is perfectly normal for any internet searcher.

Looking For a Vampire Woman Tattoo

It is after midnight and your craving a sexy vampire woman tattoo. You want to put a hot blood sucker on your body? The vampire tattoo can be a welcomed addition to your Gothic lifestyle. At the end of this article, you will find a website that offers a huge tattoo directory. This tattoo directory gives you thousands of choices for the ultimate tattoo! Is the vampire woman tattoo right for you?